CISDI Releases CISDigital Industrial Internet Cloud Platform in 2019 Smart China Expo


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CISDI Releases CISDigital Industrial Internet Cloud Platform in 2019 Smart China Expo
CopyFrom: Date:03 October 2019
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  On August 26, the 2019 Smart China Expo co-organized by the Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC, kicked off in Chongqing. CISDI released the self-developed CISDigital Industrial Internet Cloud Platform on the site. The Cloud Platform is a one-stop cloud platform relying on CISDI's decades of knowledge accumulation in steel field, integrating the frontier technologies such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, IoT, big data and AI, and providing smart production control, enterprise operations and external ecology collaborative service for process-oriented industries. It is committed to solving the network coordination between the future steel mills, and the industrial chain upstream and downstream resources allocation and optimization problems so as to build an open and extensible intelligent application development ecology and provide intelligent manufacturing cloud solutions for industry development.


  Intelligent manufacturing has become an inevitable trend in manufacturing industry. The industrial Internet, as the core driving force of the industrial revolution, provides the foundation for the realization of intelligent manufacturing with a brand-new industrial ecosystem. The space barriers between steel mills are expected to be broken through the connection of CISDigital Industrial Internet Cloud Platform. A large steel allied group only needs a headquarters platform to realize the integrated control of N manufacturing bases distributed thousands of kilometers away. The Industrial Internet Cloud Platform could also connect raw materials, logistics, finance, upstream and downstream customers and other partners, use data link to build the industrial coordination ecosystem, create the most profitable steel industry value chain, and realize the four goals of extreme efficiency, extreme low cost, extreme standardization, and extreme low emission so as to fully demonstrate the promising prospects of the future factories.

  The CISDigital™ Industrial Internet Cloud Platform is characterized by unmanned production, smart decision-making, and boundaryless coordination. Based on the Platform, CISDI provides the industry with intelligent manufacturing integrated solutions and carries out a large number of engineering practices in the steel industry in order to empower industry transformation and upgrading.